Aircon Myths Busted: What You Really Need to Know

Modern living would not be possible without air conditioning, which improves comfort and air quality in homes and offices. Yet, there are still many false beliefs and misconceptions about air conditioning systems. These misconceptions may result in wasteful spending, needless repairs, and inefficient use. In this post, we will dispel a few widespread misconceptions about air conditioning and clarify what you actually need to know to make sure your system functions properly.

Myth 1: Your Room Will Cool Down Faster if You Lower the Thermostat

A common misperception is that lowering the thermostat significantly can speed up the cooling of a space. In actuality, regardless of the temperature setting, air conditioning systems operate at a steady pace. Excessive lowering of the thermostat only makes the unit operate longer, using more energy and maybe taxing the system. Remember to be patient and set the thermostat to the ideal temperature for the best cooling and energy efficiency.

Myth 2: Larger Air Conditioners Always Perform Better

Many people think that a larger air conditioner will provide superior cooling. On the other hand, a big device may cause discomfort and inefficiency. Big units cycle on and off too often because they chill the room too quickly. This results in a damp atmosphere, wastes energy, and improperly dehydrates the air. An air conditioner that is appropriately sized for your room will operate more effectively and use less energy. Finding the ideal size for your requirements might be aided by speaking with air conditioning repair providers.

Myth 3: Air conditioners Require Maintenance Only When they malfunction

Some consumers believe that maintenance on their air conditioners is only required when there are indications of problems. Reactive maintenance can result in increased wear and tear, increased energy costs, and unplanned malfunctions. Frequent upkeep can save expensive repairs and keep the system operating efficiently. This includes cleaning the filters, monitoring the refrigerant levels, and examining the individual parts. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner by hiring professionals is crucial to its longevity and effectiveness.

Myth 4: Using an Air Conditioner All Day is More Economical

It’s a common misconception that running your air conditioner nonstop saves electricity and money. Using a programmable thermostat to set the temperature according to your schedule is more efficient. Energy usage can be decreased by raising the temperature when you leave the house and decreasing it when you return. There’s no need to operate modern air conditioning systems constantly because they are made to cool places effectively.

Myth 5: Energy is Saved by Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

Closing vents in unoccupied rooms is a sensible way to save energy, but doing so can damage your air conditioning system. Vent closures raise ductwork pressure, which can result in leaks and lower overall efficiency. Furthermore, it puts more strain on the system to distribute air, which could result in damage and the need for aircon service and repair. Keeping vents open ensures balanced airflow and system efficiency.

Myth 6: Air Conditioners Only Produce Cold Air

Air conditioning systems serve the primary purpose of cooling, but they also have a significant impact on enhancing indoor air quality. Their ability to filter out dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants makes living spaces healthier. They also aid in controlling humidity levels, which helps stop the growth of mould and other humidity-related problems. Comprehending the complete advantages of your air conditioning system can aid in realising the significance of routine upkeep and appropriate usage.


Dispelling these widespread misconceptions regarding air conditioning systems can result in longer system life, less energy expense, and more efficient use. It’s critical to realise that keeping your air conditioner operating efficiently depends on routine maintenance, sensible use, and expert air conditioning repair services. You can make sure your air conditioning system continues to operate at peak efficiency and give years of comfort by busting these myths.

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