Corporate Live Streaming Services in Singapore: A Guide

1. Introduction to Live Streaming Services

Today, in this article, allow the event company in Singapore to show you what services we can provide to our customers on live streaming services and other corporate meetings and events e-enabling services.

Effectively, with live streaming Singapore, you can have both a physical and virtual meeting at the same time. However, not all event management companies are equipped to provide such live stream service. It is a whole new engineering field altogether.

As we move forward technologically, companies have options when it comes to e-enabling company meetings besides Zoom and Webex. The new choice is to look at corporate live streaming services in Singapore, whereby you can retain a physical location for the meeting and yet stream it live to those who need to attend the event but cannot be there physically.

1.1. Definition and Importance

Live streaming services refer to services that users can subscribe to and have immediate access to. This service is extremely beneficial to people who do not have cable TV or are always on the go due to other commitments. With the broadband department’s advancement in technology, there are more devices and platforms for which streaming is available. People and companies alike see the potential of using streaming as part of their marketing strategy for promotional content, new product announcements, live presentations, and so forth, to keep their audience engaged. This is also important in establishing both corporate and product branding.

In these modern times, technology has advanced at such a quick pace that the devices that we use today become obsolete in just a few months. With that, streaming services are very much in demand. Nowadays, people all over the world have come to enjoy live streaming services, which provide users with real-time data about the broadcasting that they are watching. In turn, this makes the experience more exciting for them. A corporation may offer different events such as product launches, seminars, meetings, customer briefings, investor relations and more. Providing these events through live streaming services will help them connect with their audiences and keep them updated. In general, this is referred to as corporate live streaming.

2. Overview of Corporate Live Streaming in Singapore

As any student of economics will tell you, a growing market always attracts new entrants. Unfortunately, the barrier to entry for corporate live streaming is low. A DSLR, some cables, a notebook, live streaming and content delivery equipment worth a total of $5,000 should be more than enough for a one-stop outfit. Any good MICE company, AV light and technological gurus will also be able to operate the equipment well. With so many competitors, this industry had become a hyper-competitive and crowded space by 2020. The COVID-19 measures implemented by countries during this period have intensified this bearish market. At the date of writing, in-person corporate events in Singapore are still non-existent. Companies planning to launch products or hold outreach programs still require some form of live streaming technology and services to reach their target audience. Anyone with a cracked copy of a DSLR and free YouTube Premium free-trial can call themselves “live streaming experts” in Singapore. Participants looking for corporate-grade services entering this market for the first time can be more assured by understanding the current state of corporate live streaming in Singapore. I wrote this guide to help these participants.

The live streaming industry in Singapore underwent a period of rapid expansion (in both the consumer and corporate segments) in the last five years. The growing internet coverage and faster internet speeds in Singapore have been the main driver of this growth. More and more companies are relying on live streaming to reach their audience for various purposes. At the same time, a small group of live streaming specialists has also established and developed a good base of corporate clients in this niche market.

2.1. Trends and Growth

Corporate content and videos, explained through live streaming, can be a very powerful tool for businesses to grow. It is known that online content is king and corporate content (how-to guides, interviews with staff, video introductions of new products and services, answers to frequently asked questions of clients, and even client case studies) can help generate interest, curiosity, and interaction from the public towards the organizations’ services and staff. It can also help generate more website traffic and converts better than traditional print and online advertising material. From a business and ROI point of view, live streaming video quickly allows interaction and feedback from interested clients. Video interviews of staff in-depth on the state of their industry to win new business deals.

More and more companies in Singapore are embracing live streaming as a necessary medium to reach out to their targeted audience due to multi-platform delivery and multiple devices used to view live streams globally. It has been found that corporate content is consistently among the most popular genres.

3. Key Players in the Singaporean Market

Corporate Live Streaming Services in Singapore: A Guide Live video can immediately engross and capture a loyal, interactive audience. Used properly, it can make your message connect like no other channel can, entertain and persuade as much attention as your audience is willing to give and, through integration, provide valuable, actionable data. If a picture’s worth 1000 words, what’s a video worth? There’s no need for a firm answer, simply keep reading you will find the most resourceful guide on the strengths of professional corporate live streaming services in Singapore in a single blog post. In the island country, many investors look for transparency and trust for collaboration. The newly Government-paid announcements don’t carry any other astonishing surprise that’d excite the public and high valuation of stock price. Similarly, pre-recorded family letters don’t carry too much passion. Unlike the family letter, which has the ability to finance, with the aid of professional video and strategizing, finance can carry any range of emotions and excitement to the shareholders.

Lime Agency is a highly experienced content creation and strategy firm with expertise in servicing major MNCs and their C-suite level executives. They not only have the experience and expertise, but they also provide all-rounded planning, live video production capabilities, and no worries consultancy with a punctual delivery timeline. Singular Live offers cloud-based live streaming and production tracking tools. 1 million eyes are watching on the go simultaneously at different online platforms without any knowledge of how it works. What is important is that they have a single vision to provide the highest quality professional video. This free scroller allows you the flexibility to create content for any company without worrying about length or level of fidelity – low, medium, and high. Furthermore, it also offers the ability to automate stream uploads, which means enabling the automatic distribution of content to other video platforms after the event.

Although going online for investments is a modern trend, there isn’t a vast pool of livestreaming platforms specifically devoted to investor relations. In Singapore, provided below are four corporate livestreaming service providers who have great market credibility. They are Lime Agency, Singular Live, Mental Edge, Livestreaming Singapore, and Bolt Global and Anzuko. Each of them offers professional teams to help you maneuver through the complicated process of investor relations.

3.1. Company A

Company A provides multicasting functionality. Foreign streaming services can be integrated into our webcast page as well. As a content provider, you can assign a domain per event. All linked media material is hosted by Company A for additional flexibility. By purchasing the automatic webinar service, an event sponsor comes into play. Your webcast can be further monetized by this service. The campaign custom webinar registry page is instantly created. Supported files: PowerPoint, Flash, HTML, PDF, and Document Viewer. Our webcast is secure and delivers functions like viewer masking and restricts hotlinking to your website. The stored content of a webcast event can be distributed to users with our on-demand webcast solution. The implementation period is short. Company A requires only 48 hours to begin a live webcast. The maximum viewer size per event is unlimited. Our webcast solution is scalable and handles multiple streams.

Company A broadcasts events and messages live. Using any web browser, you can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Company A provides live and on-demand webcasts with enhanced quality and interactive functionalities, making it an engaging and unforgettable viewing experience. Our webcasting solution allows your webcast to be sustainable now and into the future. A secure internet connection is used for the delivery and hosting of streams by Company A. The streams are automatically adjusted to the specific network conditions of the viewers. For easy access, registration is required. The video transmission quality can be tailored to the viewing device; offered devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With Company A, messaging integration is seamless. Text, images, Facebook, and Twitter feeds are all possibilities. Optionally, you can incorporate a registration form with questions and answers. For added viewer engagement, you can incorporate live polling questions.

3.2. Company B

This team of dedicated webcast professionals has over 10 years of experience in this industry. Working with professionalism and diligence, the team provides careful planning of the on-site webcasting procedures and technical facilities to minimize the risk of technical glitches. Their massive experience in live streaming has widened their competency in this aspect so much that they handle all the equipment needed to ensure success, including the control room equipment, video cameras for each stream, and broadcast-standard audio. The setup comes with video switchers, sound mixers, mechanical sliders, wireless microphone systems, and IP bonding. The team is able to handle the full operation together with set up and pack down. Company B, with their years of comprehensive experience, ensures that viewers with the most complex webcast and live streaming requests have all their needs taken care of.

Company B offers a full range of live streaming services. Enhanced with years of expertise, Company B is able to deliver a perfect, uninterrupted live stream with no dropped frames to Facebook, YouTube or a dedicated web page on their own platform. The full range of services includes IP Camera (Parrot) Live Streams, Multiple Camera 4K Live Streams, Remote Live Feeds (Sports, Music, or Corporate Webcasts), and Multi-Camera Productions (up to 4 cameras). Live Streaming Services come with onscreen overlays and brand identity such as logos, venue graphics and credit roll. It can also be distributed as Pay-Per-View Live Streaming. On top of that, our service is integrated with social media boosting function to ensure more visibility on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube for better engagement and more audience.

4. Choosing the Right Live Streaming Service Provider

When it comes to choosing a reliable live streaming service in Singapore, trust pioneers in webcast technology. We offer various services that handle your video projects. You could simply arrange a consultation with us, and our team of professionals would work closely with you from the initial planning process through to final delivery, ensuring the streaming process is as smooth-sailing as possible. Since time commitment is of utmost importance for live streaming engagement, it is suggested that you allocate more than enough time in advance when sourcing potential service providers. Start early, work closely with live streaming providers, and give them clear instructions. Ensure that all your queries are answered satisfactorily and other important pre-engagement boxes are ticked to avoid nasty surprises on your live streaming day.

Choosing the right live streaming service provider can be difficult, but it is worth the effort. Well-managed live streaming services can provide a professional touch, ensure a pleasant customer experience, and offer you peace of mind. With a diverse number of service providers in the market, it is important that one must first clearly articulate his or her business goals, along with considering the strengths and weaknesses of each potential provider. Organizations must also prepare themselves for various challenges of live streaming services such as proper internet bandwidth, budget allocation, security issues, etc. Last but not least, every proposition from potential live streaming service providers must be meticulously reviewed as well.

4.1. Factors to Consider

4.1.2. The Projection What are your expectations in the streaming service for business? Are you looking to send your message as far and wide as possible, or are you just looking to make the event more inclusive for those who aren’t in the office? The ambition of your stream also has a bearing on the price, and it isn’t worth going over the top if there are no strategic advantages to be gained.

4.1.1. Quality Quality must always be the priority. It’s what people will remember from your stream. Always have a professional handle the video production side of your live streaming service. They should have the very best professional equipment. It’s easy to get distracted with other non-essential elements. For example, the ability to share a poll, which might be desirable but, ultimately, is of secondary importance. Always invest in sound and picture quality above all.

How to choose live streaming services in Singapore. Live streaming sometimes proves to be more challenging than recording live events in Singapore. To get a seamless live stream, you need the right equipment and expertise. Firstly, you need an expert in audio and visual production. This is because how the sound is transmitted matters greatly. Most people can forgive a low-quality visual, but the same doesn’t apply to bad audio. As such, look around for someone within your business and see who is able to dedicate some time to your live stream event.

5. Best Practices for Corporate Live Streaming in Singapore

# Quality live streaming equipment and encoding Quality refers to the source of the video as well as the equipment used throughout the process of transmitting a live video feed to online audiences. All of the above may be wasted without good quality encoding. Proper encoding can make even a weak network signal work effectively.

# Run full rehearsals before the actual event Integrated walk-through rehearsals don’t just get all the technical kinks out, they also provide the presenters with time to practice on the setup before the actual broadcast. Busy presenters don’t often rehearse the full presentation until the rehearsals.

# Set up the best camera angles You’d want to ensure the cameras are positioned such that they are unobtrusive yet capture all the important elements of the event. For example, if there are busy presenters, a camera person can switch back and forth between the presenters and slides. However, if the presenter is sedentary, a locked down wide shot of the presenters and slides will suffice. If the presenters are the main focus, a two-shot or three-shot will be appropriate.

# Maintain high-quality audio Audio is potentially the most important element in any live video stream. If the viewers can’t hear what’s going on, they’ll leave. If the speaker is moving around, using wireless microphones can help to ensure that good sound quality will be maintained.

# Prepare well Plan several dry runs for the event. This will help iron out any technical difficulties. Depending on the importance of the event, you may need different numbers of backups. For events with high importance, in-house staff and permanent staff should come on site early and bring several backup devices in case of any broadcast mishaps.

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