Quick Tips to Set Up Your Deck this Summer to Spend Quality Time Outdoors

As soon as the warmest season of the year kicks in, most homeowners find themselves moving their dinners, lounge time, and other activities outdoors. However, no matter how beautiful the weather is, if you don’t have the right outdoor setup, you might not be able to make the most of the time that you spend outdoors. 

Why Does Your Deck Matter?

The thing is that your outdoor space is an extension of your interior space. This means that ideally, you should see it as an extension rather than an alien space that you only use in the summer season. On that note, you must ensure that your deck is in perfect condition so that you can establish a welcoming space. 

As starters, you might want to opt for deck resurfacing, that is, if you find that the material of the deck seems worn out. Resurfacing the deck is crucial to improve the appearance of your deck along with maintaining the structural material.

Now that you know why your deck matters – let us check out some easy yet effective ways to make your deck aesthetically pleasing in the summer. 

Simplicity Works

Now, when it comes to decorating the deck for the summer, you should keep in mind that it is as much about functionality as it is about the aesthetics of your outdoor space. On that note, you should absolutely avoid crowding your deck with furniture and decorative items. 

If you do so, you will only keep bumping into things, or a strong wind will knock out everything, and you will keep rearranging furniture and décor. 

You can make the most with a few tasteful decorative pieces and a comfortable seating arrangement so that your deck feels beautiful and spacious. 

Use Plants

What is the point of spending quality time outdoors in the summer when you are not surrounded by greenery? Of course, you must set up plants strategically on your deck so your outdoor space doesn’t look dull. To save floor space, you can opt for hanging ferns and wall-hanging planters.

Before you start with the décor, you can work on a mood board for inspiration and get a better understanding of how you can use plants in the available space you have and create the best outdoor oasis. 

Integrate Water Elements

If you have a backyard deck, you can take things a notch higher this summer by setting up a water fountain. To do so effectively, you can divide the backyard into sections and make the most of your outdoor space. 

For instance, you can use one section for an outdoor kitchen as you would like to prepare your meals outdoors. In another section of the backyard, you can set up a seating spot – you can also set up a hammock. In another section, you can set up the fountain. 

Speaking of water, beware of muddy or sandy water dripping from the fountain, as it might be an indicator for you to opt for residential water treatment and get some professional onboard to have a look at what is going on underneath. 

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